Time Course of Procalcitonin Concentration Following Birth and Surgery

Introduction: Procalcitonin plasma concentration (PCT) has been suggested as a biomarker for acute infection (usually bacterial). Concentrations increase rapidly within 4-6 hours of infection [1]. However PCT also increases following events such as birth and surgery without any known infection [2, 3]. It is important to understand the time course of PCT following these events […]

Time Course of Procalcitonin – Imputation of Missing Clock Times

Background: Concentrations of endogenous procalcitonin (PCT) increase within hours of infection, and after events such as birth and surgery [1]. Determining the natural history of procalcitonin may help identify abnormal increases indicative of infection. However, in the dataset only the date of observations are recorded without the clock times [2]. If clock times are unavailable, […]