PAGANZ Program

PAGANZ Scientific Program 7th – 8th February

Tuesday 7th February 2017

Time Session Topic Speaker
13:30 Welcome to PAGANZ Scientific Meeting
13:35 ISoP Lecture: PK/PD Modeling and Simulation to Streamline Drug Development on Earth and in Space Hartmut Derendorf
14:30 Tea + Posters
Free Papers – South Australian Focus Chair: David Foster
15:00 Population in vitro-in vivo correlation model linking gastrointestinal transit time, pH with the in vivo disposition kinetics of itraconazole Ahmad Abuhelwa
15:15 Population Pharmacokinetic Model of Doxycycline Plasma Concentrations – Pooled Study Data Ash Hopkins
15:30 Guest commentary Stuart Mudge
15:45 Comparison of Non-Compartmental and Mixed Effect Modelling Methods for Establishing Bioequivalence for the Case of Two Compartment Kinetics and Censored Concentrations Jim Hughes
16:00 Annual General Meeting All participants
19:00 Social evening: Adelaide Rowing Club  

Wednesday 8th February 2017

Time Session Topic Speaker
8:30 Coffee
Free Papers – 1 Chair: Cornelia Landersdorfer
9:00 Performance of estimation methods in modelling the kinetics of respiratory virus infection Kashyap Patel
9:15 Understanding the sensitivity of international normalized ratio (INR) to variations in clotting factor levels Qing Xi Ooi
9:30 Internal Deterministic Identifiability of PK and PKPD Models Vijay Kumar Siripuram
9:45 Identifiability analysis of empirical models used for quantifying “biased” ligands Xiao Zhu
10:00 Tea + Posters
Free Papers – 2 Chair: Richard Upton
10:30 Mechanism-based PK/PD modelling approach to optimise combination dosage regimens against multidrug-resistant clinical isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and in-vivo evaluation in a murine thigh infection model Rajbharan Yadav
10:45 Systems Pharmacology – Application to GAVamycin Nick Holford
11:00 Pharmacometric modelling of deuterium exposure in breastfeeding mother-infant pairs for the determination of exclusive breastfeeding practice Zheng Liu
11:15 Population pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of OZ439 in healthy volunteers and patients with falciparum and vivax malaria Piyanan Assawasuwannakit
11:30 Solutions for nonlinear ordinary differential equations in pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic systems Chihiro Hasegawa
11:45 Influence of study design on choice of the allometric exponent Jaydeep Sinha
12:00 Student lunchtime careers session Cornelia Landersdorfer, Kashyap Patel, David McDougall
12:00 Lunch Sponsored by Model Answers
Free Papers – 3 Chair: Carl Kirkpatrick
13:00 Infliximab maintenance dosing in inflammatory bowel disease: an example for in silico assessment of adaptive dosing strategies Jessica Wojciechowski
13:15 NextDose – A web based dosing tool – Development version 2017 Nick Holford
13:30 Assessing the predictive performance of an interactive application to dose adjust voriconazole David McDougall
13:45 Improving gentamicin dosing in paediatric oncology patients Carolina Llanos-Paez
14:30 Tea + Posters
15:00 Nick Holford Prize, Closing remarks Nick Holford

Poster Presentations

Title: Development of an Interactive Tool to Explore Doses & Sample for Paediatric Trials.

Presenter:  David McDougall / Michael Cheng