Our Student Reps

Our student representatives support our student community, contribute to our events and provide feedback to the PIC on matters related to our student membership.

If are a PAGANZ student and have questions, ideas or want to get involved, please reach out!

Current Student Representative

Feb 2023 – current: Alice Terrill & Siobhonne Breen,
Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Alice is a first-year PhD candidate focusing on the optimisation of dosing regimens of antibiotics to overcome the antimicrobial resistance crisis. She is currently the Student Representative of both PAGANZ and the ASCEPT Drug Disposition and Response Special Interest Group. She is passionate about volunteering, having been involved with Rotary and a not-for-profit ballet school for many years, and is eager to explore the cross over that can exist between community service and science.
You can get in contact with Alice on [email protected] or via the [email protected] email

Siobhonne is a PhD candidate at the Monash Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science, rationally optimising antibiotic combinations against resistant bacterial ‘superbugs’. Siobhonne’s project encompasses a range of laboratory work as well as mechanism-based mathematical modelling, both of which she has a strong interest in. Siobhonne has a passion for improving patient outcomes through drug research and development. Siobhonne has won multiple poster presentation awards and received oral presentations at international and national conferences.You can get in contact with Sibhonne on [email protected] or via the [email protected] email

Past Student Representatives:

2022- Feb 2023: Hailemichael Hishe, The Otago Pharmacometrics Group, The University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.