PAWS Program

Meeting Day Start Time Duration Chair Session – Topic Beginners workshop Tutors Computer Lab Allocation Intermediate workshop Tutors
7-Feb-11 7:45 0:35 Registration + Breakfast
8:20 0:10 Nick Holford, Brian Anderson Welcome to PAGANZ 11
PAWS 8:30 1:30 . Workshops Introduction to Population Analysis using NONMEM Steve Duffull Intermediate Missing data – left censoring (BLQ) with Hands On Nick Holford
10:00 0:30 Tea Break
PAWS 10:30 1:30 . Workshops Introduction to NONMEM hands on Steve Duffull, Pavan Kumar, Lee Foo, Carolyn Coulter, Carl K Beginners Missing data – The problem of silent evidence (SS) ; Missing covariates (DM) Stephen Senn, Diane Mould
12:00 1:30 Lunch
PAGANZ 12:30 1:00 Nick Holford, Bri PAGANZ web
PAWS 13:30 1:30 . Workshops Model selection using NONMEM Steve Duffull Intermediate Large system simulation Peter Hunter,
15:00 0:30 Tea Break
PAWS 15:30 1:30 . Workshops Introduction to Covariate Models using NONMEM Pavan Kumar Intermediate CELL-ML handson Peter Hunter,
17:00 Close
19:00 Organizing Committee Dinner
8-Feb-11 8:00 0:30 Breakfast
PAWS 8:30 1:00 . Workshops Introduction to NONMEM hands on Pavan Kumar, Lee Foo, Carolyn Coulter, Carl K Beginners Introduction to optimal design for model discrimination lecture Steve Duffull
9:30 0:30 Tea Break
PAWS 10:00 1:00 . Workshops Critical Appraisal Carolyn Coulter, Lee Foo, Carl K Intermediate Optimal design for model discrimination “hands on” Steve Duffull, P
PAWS 11:00 1:00 . Workshops Discussion Carolyn Coulter, Lee Foo, Carl K Intermediate An application of optimal design for model discrimination Pavan Kumar
12:00 1:30 Lunch

Scientific Meeting Program

PAGAN Date Start Duration Chairperson Presenter Topic
PAGANZ 8-Feb-11 12:30 1:00 Bruce Charles AGM
Program for PAGANZ 2011 31-Jan-11 Final hardcopy version
PAGANZ Date Start Duration Chairperson Presenter Topic
PAGANZ 8-Feb-11 12:30 1:00 Bruce Charles AGM
Oral Presentations I
PAGANZ 13:30 0:20 Diane Mould Samara Gaonzik Population Pharmacokinetics of Colistin Methanesulfonate and Formed Colistin in Critically-Ill Patients from a Multi-Center Study Provide Dosing Recommendations for Patients
PAGANZ 13:50 0:20 . Yoke-Lin Lo Population pharmacokinetics of midazolam in critically ill septic patients
PAGANZ 14:10 0:20 . Abhishek Gulati Identification and initial evaluation of a prototype clotting time test for enoxaparin
PAGANZ 14:30 0:20 . Daniel Wright The use of PKPD simulations to inform the rational use of medicines in clinical practice: the case of simvastatin circadian dosing
PAGANZ 14:50 0:20 . Lee Kien Foo Methods to Determine Optimal Sampling Windows for Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models
15:10 0:30 Coffee + Posters
PAGANZ 15:40 0:20 Geoff Isbister Kris Jamsen Optimal designs for population pharmacokinetic studies of the partner drugs administered with artemisinin derivatives
PAGANZ 16:00 0:20 . Kiana Keyvanjah Development of a Mechanism-Based Model for the Pharmacodynamics of Daptomycin against Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).
PAGANZ 16:20 0:20 . Julia Korell Modelling red blood cell data
PAGANZ 16:40 0:20 . Marie Berglund Initial exploration of numerical methods for fitting models to PK data
PAGANZ 17:00 Close
PAGANZ 18:00 Social Evening Greys Room, Langham Hotel
22:00 Leave Greys Room
PAGANZ Date Start Duration Chairperson Presenter Topic
9-Feb-11 8:00 0:30 Breakfast
PAGANZ 8:30 0:15 Khaled Al-Faify Population Pharmacokinetics of Gentamicin in Saudi Newborns during the 1st Week of Life
PAGANZ 8:45 0:15 . Yookhwan Noh Population pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics analysis of lipid emulsion propofol in pediatric patients
PAGANZ 9:00 0:15 . Shu Chin Ma Quantifying Disease Progress with Inactive Treatments in Multiple Parkinson’s Disease Trials
PAGANZ 9:15 0:15 . Eun-Kyung Lee fit4NM : A tool for NONMEM users
PAGANZ 9:30 0:15 . Sam Holford Antibiotic Dosing Calculator in Neonates and Children Trial
PAGANZ 9:45 0:15 . Pavan Kumar Generalisation of T-optimality for discriminating between competing models – an application to paracetamol overdose
PAGANZ 9:55 0:10 . Kate Owens The effect of surgery on the glucuronidation and sulphation of paracetamol
10:00 0:30 Tea Break
What can Pharmacometricians and Statisticians learn from each other?
PAGANZ 10:30 0:30 David Foster Stephen Senn Statisticians and Pharmacometricians: What can they learn from each other?
PAGANZ 11:00 0:30 . Diane Mould Population Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Modeling: When Modeling Meets Reality
PAGANZ 11:30 0:30 . Richard Upton Meta-Modelling
12:00 1:30 Lunch
What do we need to learn to get the dose right for children?
PAGANZ 13:30 0:40 Carl Kirkpatrick Brian Anderson, Sam Holford What is needed for a dosing calculator?
PAGANZ 14:10 0:20 . Nick Holford Is Morphine Clearance Predictable in Humans?
PAGANZ 14:30 0:15 . Amanda Potts Dexmedetomidine Hemodynamics in Children after Cardiac Surgery
PAGANZ 14:45 0:15 . Anita Sumpter Predicting Weight Using Postmenstrual Age – Neonates to Adults
15:00 0:30 Coffee
Oral Presentations II
PAGANZ 15:30 0:20 . Lagishetty Chakradhar Design of pharmacokinetic studies for latent covariates
PAGANZ 15:50 0:20 . Kashyap Patel Development of fluconazole dosage guidelines in critically ill patients receiving continuous venovenous hemodiafiltration
PAGANZ 16:10 0:20 . Wojciech Krzyzanski Modeling of non-stationary RBC survival: Effect of erythropoietin on RBC mortality vs. production in rats.
PAGANZ 16:30 0:20 . Joel Iedema Population Pharmacokinetics of Paracetamol in Overdose in a Single Patient
PAGANZ 16:50 0:20 . Carolyn Coulter Utilising prior literature population models to inform clinical practice – a dosing regimen for immediate N-acetyl cysteine treatment of paracetamol overdose