Sydney 2021 Program

Wednesday 27th January, 2021

PAWs Beginner workshop
Coordinator: Dr Hesham Al-Sallami

0830 – 0930  AEDTIntroduction to population methods
1000 – 1100 AEDTNONMEM demonstration
1130 – 1230 AEDTBuilding structural and covariate models

PAWs Intermediate workshop
Coordinator: Professor Nick Holford

0830 – 0930  AEDTIntroduction to time to event analysis
1000 – 1100 AEDTDemonstration
1100 – 1130 AEDTQ&A Session

Thursday 28th January, 2021

0900 – 0905 AEDTDr Sophie StockerWelcome
  ISoP Lectureship
0905 – 1005 AEDTProf Rada SavicReinventing Clinical Trial Designs for TB Regimen Development
Oral Presentation Session 1
Chair: Dr Stephanie Reuter Lange
1015 – 1030 AEDTRanita KirubakaranMatters close to the heart: adaptation of tacrolimus models to inform therapeutic drug monitoring using the PRIOR approach
1030 – 1045 AEDTDr Jeffrey AdiwidjajaImplementation of a physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modelling approach to evaluate inter-ethnic differences in imatinib dosing regimens
1045 – 1100 AEDTDr Hannah KimSaliva Population PK Model for Voriconazole
1100 – 1115 AEDTDr Michael DoltonPBPK Modeling of Vismodegib: Deconvoluting the Impact of Saturable Plasma Protein Binding, pH-dependent Solubility and Nonsink Permeation
Oral Presentation Session 2
Chair: Dr Derek Zhu
1600 – 1615 AEDTPieter Van Brantegem A model-based evaluation of the effect of bosentan on bile salt disposition in sandwich-cultured human hepatocytes
1615 – 1630 AEDTZhigang WangModeling of The Relationship Between Ustekinumab Exposure, Fecal Calprotectin and Endoscopic Outcomes in Patients with Crohn’s Disease
1630 – 1645 AEDTOmar ElkayalPopulation pharmacokinetics of cefazolin in maternal and umbilical cord sera and target attainment in term neonates
1645 – 1700 AEDTDavid W. UsterImproved predictive performance using a model averaging algorithm in model-informed precision dosing of vancomycin
1730 – 1830 AEDTTrivia hosted byRanita Kirubakaran, Guangda Ma, Amelia Cossart

Friday 29th January, 2021

0900 – 1000 AEDTPAGANZ Annual General Meeting Chair: Associate Professor David Foster 
 Oral Presentation Session 3 Chair:
Dr Ahmad Abuhelwa
1000 – 1015 AEDT Jingyun LiA quantitative systems pharmacology model for paracetamol overdose and rescue
1015 – 1030 AEDTSuchaya SanhajariyaInvestigating myotoxicity following red-bellied black snake envenomation
1030 – 1045 AEDTSepi SharifExploring and optimising the computational efficiency of Inductive Linearisation for estimation
1045 – 1100 AEDTRachael LawsonA population pharmacokinetic model of once daily intravenous busulfan in paediatrics characterising time-dependent clearance
Poster Presentation Session
Chair: Shaun Kumar
1200 – 1205 AEDTSima SadraiPopulation Pharmacokinetics Modeling of Clopidogrel in Patients Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI)
1205 – 1210 AEDTSudeep PradhanEvaluation of the intact nephron hypothesis using optimal design methodology
1210 – 1215 AEDTShengjie ZhangPharmacokinetic modelling for remdesivir
1215 – 1220
James D MorseA Universal Pharmacokinetic Model for Dexmedetomidine in Children and Adults
1220 – 1225 AEDTAbdallah DerbalahQSP Model Simplification Using Machine Learning with an Application to Heparin Dose-Response in Children
1225 – 1230 AEDTRachael HickeyToward an in silico viral kinetic model for Covid-19 with pharmacodynamic effects
1230 – 1235 AEDTJian Lynn LeeImpact of genetic and non-genetic factors on the pharmacokinetics of intravenous immunoglobulin in patients with predominantly antibody deficiencies in Malaysia
1235 – 1240 AEDTMohamed TarekAnalysis of Laplace Approximation for Pharmaceutical Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models
1240 – 1245 AEDTAkosua A. AgyemanMechanism-based modelling of meropenem plus tobramycin combination regimens against clinical hypermutable Pseudomonas aeruginosa in the hollow-fibre infection model
1245 – 1250 AEDTGuangda MaExternal Evaluation of Vancomycin Models
1250 – 1255 AEDTEstelle YauPhysiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) models for translation of drug distribution from rat to human
1255 – 1300 AEDTLiang YangA mathematical model of CB1 receptor allosteric modulation
1300 – 1305 AEDTConor O’HanlonAn ex vivo study measuring antibiotic adsorption to cardiopulmonary bypass circuitry
1305 – 1310 AEDTPieter Van BrantegemA population pharmacokinetic model of sildenafil in an extra-uterine system for premature lambs
1310– 1315 AEDTLaurynas MockeliunasA Population Pharmacokinetic Model of Linezolid enabling Model-Informed Precision Dosing in Patients with Multidrug-Resistant and Extensively Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis
1315– 1320 AEDTDala N DaraghmehAssociation between seropositivity and remission in rheumatoid arthritis patients receiving disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs: a retrospective analysis of 5 phase III randomized clinical trials of tocilizumab
1320– 1325 AEDTSebastian RossePopulation pharmacokinetics of dimethylacetamide in children receiving intravenous busulphan
1325– 1330 AEDTAlejandra SchiavoPrediction of multiple-dose relative bioavailability outcome for an extended release valproic acid formulation
1330– 1335 AEDTValentina Topić VučenovićThe influence of biologically effective dose (BED) on the 131I therapy response in patients with benign thyroid disease – nonlinear mixed effect modelling approach
 Oral Presentation Session 4
Chair: Dr Katrina Hiu
1600 – 1615 AEDT Dr Jacqueline A HannamA model for procalcitonin concentrations following birth in non infected preterm neonates
1615 – 1630 AEDTDr Xiao ZhuDetermination of the pharmacodynamics of vancomycin in young infants via time-to-event analysis
1630 – 1645 AEDTProfessor Stephen DuffullIssues with virtual populations when applied to nonlinear QSP models
1645 – 1700 AEDTHarvey HoExtrapolating pharmacokinetic models from adults to neonates and infants: Case studies with paracetamol
SARS-CoV-2 Session
1700-1730 AEDTAntonio GoncalvesTiming of antiviral treatment initiation is critical to reduce SARS-CoV-2 viral load
1730-1800 AEDTDr Michael DoddsModel-informed drug repurposing: Viral kinetic modelling to prioritize rational drug combinations for COVID-19
1800 – 1815 AEDTDr Sophie StockerMeeting closes