The PAGANZ logo is based on the Southern Cross constellation, representing the geographic location of the society (mainly Australia and New Zealand). It is represented as a collection of data points within a set of chart axes, with a line of best fit. Two stars included are named eta and epsilon and these words have a specific meaning within modelling and the population approach.

  • Epsilon (ϵ): distance from line is an estimate of residual error
  • Eta (η): separation indicates between constellation variability c.f. False Cross


The orientation of the cross is as seen from Southern hemisphere in the evening around time of PAGANZ annual meeting. The red line symbolises the hot cutting edge of science and its shape represents many pharmacometric models e.g. Emax PD, allometric scaling using weight. Finally, a connection with PAGE and ASCEPT exists with the use of stars in the logo.

Use of the logo

In all instances the logo must be used in its entirety. The text or graphical elements may not be removed or used in isolation. The colours may not be changed, though the logo may be used in the greyscale form provided.

The logo may only be used in the context of PAGANZ Inc business or in direct relation to a PAGANZ meeting. It may not be used to imply endorsement without prior approval from the PAGANZ Inc Committee. Some examples of appropriate use are: in a header or footer of a slide presentation given at a PAGANZ meeting, as an acknowledgment of PAGANZ Inc when presenting at a non-PAGANZ conference, within a letter or email discussing PAGANZ business when sent by a member of the PAGANZ Inc Committee or a PAGANZ sub-committee, on a prize of attendance certificate when issued by a member of a PAGANZ sub-committee.

Minimum size: The various versions of the logo may be reduced in size, but all text elements must be legible from the expected viewing distance. This means that in a slide presentation, members of the audience should be able to read “PAGANZ”. If the version with labelled stars are used, these too must be legible, which would generally require the logo to be larger than if the version with unlabelled stars were used.

Clear space: The square logo must have clear space around it at least half the width of the logo. The rectangular logo must have clear space around it equal to the width of the graphical component. These restrictions may be relaxed where the logo is near the edge of a slide or document, but the non-edge sides should maintain the minimum required clearance.

Colours: The blue is #393768. The red is #EE3338.

Font: The main text is Code Bold. The subtext is Helvetica Normal.

Download logo pack

The logo pack includes labelled, unlabelled and greyscale versions of the square and wide PAGANZ logos, all 1000 px wide.

I agree to abide by the terms of use of the PAGANZ logo as outlined above.

High resolution versions: Please contact the Secretary for high resolution versions of the logo. Please also include your intended application for the logo (e.g. printed banner).