PAGANZ Inc Committee

The current PAGANZ Inc Committee is:


Jacqueline Hannam (elected Feb 2022)


Shaun Kumar (elected Jan 2023)


Hesham Al-Sallami (elected Feb 2019)


Cornelia Landersdorfer (elected Feb 2022)

Sophie Stocker (elected Jan 2023)

Janna Duong (elected Jan 2023)

Local Organizing Committee co-opted Member

Cornelia Landersdorfer (for the 2024 meeting)

The committee structure is governed by the Society Rules and regulations.

Past committees

2022 Feb – 2023 Jan: Jacqueline Hannam (President), Christine Staatz (Secretary), Hesham Al-Sallami (Treasurer), Ahmad Abuhelwa (elected Nov 2019), Shaun Kumar (elected Nov 2019), Cornelia Landersdorfer (elected Feb 2022), David Foster (co-opted member 2022-2023)

2019 Nov – 2022 Feb: David Foster (President), Jacqueline Hannam (Secretary), Hesham Al-Sallami (Treasurer), Christine Staatz (elected Feb 2019), Ahmad Abuhelwa (elected Nov 2019), Shaun Kumar (elected Nov 2019)

2019 Feb – Nov: David Foster (President), Stefanie Hennig (Secretary), Hesham Al-Sallami (Treasurer), Carl Kirkpatrick, Jacqueline Hannam (elected Feb 2019), Christine Staatz (elected Feb 2019)

2017 – Feb 2019: David Foster (President), Stefanie Hennig (Secretary), Sam Holford (Treasurer), Dan Wright, Hesham Al-Sallami, Carl Kirkpatrick, Jacqueline Hannam (co-opted member 2018 – 2019), Kashyap Patel (co-opted member 2017 – 2018)

2014 – 2017: Nick Holford (President), Carl Kirkpatrick (Secretary), Sam Holford (Treasurer), Steve Duffull, David Foster, Stefanie Hennig

2013 – 2014: Nick Holford (President), Sam Holford (Secretary), Carl Kirkpatrick (Treasurer), Steve Duffull, David Foster, Stefanie Hennig

2012 – 2013: Nick Holford (President), Sam Holford (Secretary), Carl Kirkpatrick (Treasurer)