PAGANZ Inc Committee

The current PAGANZ Inc Committee is:


David Foster (elected Feb 2017)


Stefanie Hennig (elected Feb 2017)


Hesham Al-Sallami (elected Feb 2019)


Jacqueline Hannam (elected Feb 2019)

Christine Staatz (elected Feb 2019)

Carl Kirkpatrick (elected Feb 2017)

The committee structure is governed by the Society Rules and regulations.

Past committees

2017 – 2019: David Foster (President), Stefanie Hennig (Secretary), Sam Holford (Treasurer), Dan Wright, Hesham Al-Sallami, Carl Kirkpatrick, Jacqueline Hannam (co-opted member 2018 – 2019), Kashyap Patel (co-opted member 2017 – 2018)

2014 – 2017: Nick Holford (President), Carl Kirkpatrick (Secretary), Sam Holford (Treasurer), Steve Duffull, David Foster, Stefanie Hennig

2013 – 2014: Nick Holford (President), Sam Holford (Secretary), Carl Kirkpatrick (Treasurer), Steve Duffull, David Foster, Stefanie Hennig

2012 – 2013: Nick Holford (President), Sam Holford (Secretary), Carl Kirkpatrick (Treasurer)