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Notice of PAGANZ Inc Annual General Meeting

The PAGANZ Inc Annual General Meeting is due to be held Friday 29 Jan 2021 at 09:00 AM AEDT. This meeting will be held virtually via Zoom. Registration and information for joining this event is available via the Eventbrite meeting page, which will be emailed to members.

The business of an Annual General Meeting shall be:

  1. Minutes of the previous Society’s Meeting(s);
  2. The President’s report on the business of the Society ;
  3. The Treasurer’s report on the finances of the Society, and the Annual Financial Statements;
  4. General business.

All Society Members may attend.

Sydney 2021 – Virtual Meeting!

We are pleased to announce the annual PAGANZ Meeting, which will be a virtual event hosted in Sydney, Australia by the School of Pharmacy (University of Sydney) and St Vincent’s Clinical School (UNSW) from Wednesday 27th January to Friday 29th January 2021.


Registration closed on Friday 22nd January, 2021.

Who should attend?

The PAGANZ meeting is the Australasian forum for scientists with a research and professional interest in the use of the population approach in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. A strong focus of this meeting is the application of population modelling and simulation techniques in the experimental, clinical and regulatory settings of drug development.

This meeting is designed for scientists and clinicians working in basic or clinical pharmacology research, pharmaceutical industry, regulatory bodies and postgraduate students. We will be offering our Population Analysis Workshops (Beginner and Intermediate), the ISOP Invited lecture, a SARS-CoV-2 modelling symposium, in addition to free oral communication sessions – see the preliminary program here.

We look forward to you joining us in January.

Sophie Stocker and David Foster

On Behalf of the PAGANZ Organising Committee

What is PAGANZ?

The Population Approach Group of Australia & New Zealand is an incorporated society founded on an interest in pharmacology and therapeutic applications using the population approach. Since 1999, an annual PAGANZ scientific meeting has been held in the Southern hemisphere, to encourage the use and development of pharmacometrics primarily in Australia and New Zealand.

A key focus of this meeting is the application of population modelling and simulation techniques in the experimental, clinical and regulatory settings of clinical drug development. Meetings consist of hands-on workshops, given by world leaders in the field, followed by a scientific meeting giving researchers, particularly students, the opportunity to present and discuss work in a collegial and friendly environment. PAGANZ is proud to be a world leader in teaching and support of research in this important area of pharmacology and drug development.

After registration for access to the PAGANZ website you may join the PAGANZ Incorporated Society. Being a member of PAGANZ Inc gives you voting rights at the annual meeting of the Society and also allows you to be nominated to be an office member of the Society Committee. There are no membership fees for PAGANZ Inc.

ISoP and PAGANZ Partnership

The International Society of Pharmacometrics (ISoP) continues to establish partnerships with other scientific organizations. We are pleased to announce the official partnership between ISoP and the Population Analysis Group of Australia and New Zealand (PAGANZ).

The formalization of the alliance between ISoP and PAGANZ is consistent with the ISoP mission of actively partnering with other scientific organizations and societies, providing a way to foster the integration and innovation of the field of pharmacometrics and its impact across the world. We look forward to active collaborations between ISoP and PAGANZ.

What is ISoP?

ISoP was formed in 2012 to encourage pharmacometrics internationally. It evolved from the American Society of Pharmacometrics (ASoP) and now has directors around the world (USA, Europe, New Zealand).

What can ISoP do for me?

ISoP provides financial support for the PAGANZ annual meeting and one student and one full annual membership to be given to deserving PAGANZ members.

PAGANZ members are encouraged to join ISoP. Go to the ISoP Join page and find out more about what ISoP is doing and what it can do for you.

Thank you to our continuing sponsors

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