Adelaide 2017

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When: 6th February – 8th February 2017

The 18th annual Population Approach Group in Australia and New Zealand (PAGANZ) meeting will be held in Adelaide, Australia from Monday 6th to Wednesday 8th February. A population analysis workshop (PAWS) is included in the PAGANZ meeting.



Pharmacometrics, particularly regarding the design, analysis, interpretation and application of pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic studies.

Workshop Themes:

The workshops will consist of lectures and hands-on exercises at a computer. During the hands-on exercises, tutors will be available for consultation and assistance.

The Beginners workshop for NONMEM and the Intermediate workshop will be conducted as parallel sessions. The 2017 Beginners workshop will introduce the theory and practice of population modelling with NONMEM.

Attendance at the Intermediate workshop requires experience with the conduct of at least one population approach analysis. The Intermediate workshop covers:

  1. Shiny apps in R for simulation (1/2 day).
  2. Ordinary differential equations in R / PKADVAN package-analytical solutions in R (1/2 day).
  3. Multi-state receptor theory and “biased” ligands (1/2 day)

Who should attend?

The PAGANZ meeting is the Australasian forum (open to attendees from anywhere in the world) for scientists with a research and professional interest in the use of the population approach in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. A strong focus of this meeting is the application of population modelling and simulation techniques in the experimental, clinical and regulatory settings of drug development.

This meeting is designed for scientists and clinicians working in basic or clinical pharmacology research, pharmaceutical industry, regulatory bodies and postgraduate students. The meeting combines a hands on workshop given by leaders in the field and a scientific meeting giving researchers the opportunity to present and discuss their own work. This is an informal meeting and in the past has been very productive in helping and guiding researchers in this important area of pharmacology and drug development.


The meeting will be held in the Playford Building  of the University of South Australia (UniSA), City East Campus, Adelaide South Australia.

The City East campus of UniSA is within easy walking distance of the CBD of Adelaide, as shown at grid K-13 of this map of the city centre. Do not confuse the UniSA City East Campus with the UniSA City West Campus, which also faces North Terrace but is 1.0 km further west.

Abstract submission:

Abstract submission has closed.

Oral paper presentations: Oral presentations are 10min + 5 min duration. Please see the PAGANZ Scientific program for scheduling.

Poster presentations: Poster format should be portrait and the size not greater than 120 x 85 cm.

Social Evening:

A ticket to the social evening is included in the registration fee. The Social evening will be held on the Tuesday evening (7th February) at the Adelaide Rowing Club on the river Torrens.

PAGANZ would like to thank our sponsors for the Adelaide 2017 meeting:



Contact details:

David Foster
Pharmacy and Medical Sciences
University of South Australia
Email: [email protected]

The members of the Local Organising Committee (LoC) for the meeting are:
David Foster
Richard Upton
Ahmad Abu Helwa
Ashley Hopkins
Jim Hughes
Jessica Wojciechowski