Brisbane 2022 Program

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Population Analysis WorkShops (PAWs)

Tuesday 1st February, 2022

Beginners PAWs
Coordinator: Dr Jacqueline Hannam

0900 – 1000  AESTIntroduction to population methods
1030 – 1130 AESTNONMEM demonstration
1200 – 1300 AESTBuilding structural and covariate models

Intermediate PAWs
Coordinator: Professor Robert Bies and Ms Kimberly Adams

0900 – 1300  AESTAn Introduction to Machine Learning Classification Techniques:

Data preparation
Information content
Algorithms (Naïve Bayes and Random Forest) 

Scientific Program

Wednesday 2nd February, 2022

0900 – 0905 AESTA/Prof Christine Staatz Welcome  
ISoP Lectureship    
0905 – 1005 AESTDr Cornelia LandersdorferOptimising antibiotic dosing – towards model-informed personalised therapy  
Oral Presentation Session 1
Chair: Hailemichael Hishe
1015 – 1035 AESTRachel LawsonBusulfan: A 2022 Perspective
1035 – 1055 AESTConor O’HanlonCefazolin pharmacokinetics and extent of device binding during cardiopulmonary bypass
1055 – 1115 AESTNatansh ModiPatient-reported outcomes predict survival and adverse events following anticancer medicines initiation
1115 – 1135 AESTMarwa Elsaeed ElhefnawyA parametric repeated time-to-event modelling of recurrent ischemic stroke after index stroke among patients with diabetes mellitus
Oral Presentation Session 2
Chair: Natansh Modi
1600 – 1620 AEST Shengjie (Sherry) ZhangIn silico modelling for transplacental transfer of morphine in an ex vivo human cotyledon perfusion system
1620 – 1640 AEST Kenji OkadaApplication of reported arbekacin population pharmacokinetic models to Japanese pediatric patients for evaluation of dosing regimen based on Japanese TDM guidelines
1640 – 1700 AEST Qingfeng HeLast-mile delivery: a reference plot to help non-pharmacometricians interpret population pharmacokinetics results
1700 – 1720 AEST Hai Le BaOpen-Source Software for Vancomycin Therapeutic Drug Management in a Vietnamese hospital
PAGANZ Social Event  
1730 – 1900 AESTTrivia hosted by:Ranita Kirubakaran
Klarissa Sinnappah
Hailemichael Hishe
Amelia Cossart
James Morse

Thursday 3rd February, 2022

Special Discussion Session
Chair: Associate Professor David Foster
0900 – 0945 AEST

Stefanie Hennig
Steve Duffull
Andrew McLachlan
Cornelia Landersdorfer
Carl Kirkpatrick
Topic: “Training of Pharmacometricians in Australasia”
Oral Presentation Session 3
Chair: Ranita Kirubakaran
1000 – 1020 AESTAbigail Bokor Time Course of Procalcitonin – Imputation of Missing Clock Times
1020 – 1040 AESTLiang YangA reduced mathematical model to explore Gi/Gs preferences of the CB1 receptor
1040 – 1100 AEST Angela (Sunggyeol) JeongFinding the unknown parameters of a viral kinetics model of Covid-19 with immune response
1100 – 1120 AESTSepi SharifOptimising Inductive Linearisation for nonlinear ODEs with an application to the Michaelis-Menten model: a stochastic simulation-estimation study
Oral Presentation Session 4
Chair: James Morse

1400 – 1420 AEST   Harvey HoA PBPK model for the clearance of nicotine and cotinine in pregnant women
1420 – 1440 AEST   Steve DuffullOn mass balance and the use-reuse of the rate constant matrix in pharmacokinetics
1500 – 1515 AESTAssociate Professor Christine Staatz  Scientific meeting closes  
PAGANZ Annual General Meeting
1530 – 1550 AEST  
Associate Professor David FosterPAGANZ Annual General Meeting