PAGANZ Workshop: CellML and OpenCOR

Over the past 10 year quantitative systems pharmacology has become an integral part of pharmacometrics.  While the models and methods used in a QSP framework are novel to pharmacometricians they have been well established in the disciplines of systems biology and bioengineering.  Software (e.g. CellML, SBML, …) for specifying models and enabling simulations from models are also well established in other disciplines as well as methods for model verification and validation.

In this workshop, CellML will be explored using the OpenCOR interface and applied to two simple examples based on the PK and the PKPD of warfarin.  This workshop expands on a previous PAGANZ workshop on CellML in 2011 in which the CellML language were introduced and its concepts were discussed.  The purpose of this workshop is: (1) to provide attendees with an experience of using a model based mark-up language to specify models, (2) to illustrate how units of variables and parameters can be specified in a systems model and used to enforce mass balance, (3) to explore the use of a declarative language structure, (4) to be able to see how modularity can be built into systems models via the CellML language style, (5) to gain an appreciation of how CellML can be used to build models that encompass the features of reproducibility and reusability.