Twenty Years of PAGANZ

The PAGANZ 2019 meeting in Auckland celebrates the twentieth PAGANZ meeting held in Australasia. The original speakers at PAGANZ in 1999 who are also present at PAGANZ 2019 reflects the beneficial effect of pharmacometrics on longevity and friendship.

Pharmacometrics is the boom growth field in clinical pharmacology. It has other names which serve local purposes but at its essence it describes the quantitative aspects of disease and pharmacology with the goal of understanding and improving human health.

The history of pharmacometrics in Australasia and the evolution of PAGANZ is documented on the PAGANZ website

PAGANZ is strongly linked with the international community outside of Australasia through ISoP. Members of PAGANZ have served on the ISoP Board and have had a major impact in moving ISoP from its North American origins to recognize the international scope of this evolving science. PAGANZ hosted the second World Conference on Pharmacometrics in 2016 which showcased the talents and enthusiasm of the people who belong to PAGANZ.