Assessing the completeness of a QSP model for azathioprine metabolism

Introduction: A QSP model for azathioprine metabolism was developed from known mechanistic pathways and expert opinion. The model was intended to predict the concentrations of 6-thioguanine nucleotides (TGN) and 6-methyl mercaptopurine (MMP) under different clinical scenarios [1-3]. The model was able to predict 6-TGN and 6-MMP for typical individuals but it was unable to predict […]

Internal Deterministic Identifiability of PK and PKPD Models

Introduction: Identifiability analysis is an important aspect of the PKPD modelling framework and is divided into structural and deterministic identifiability. Structural identifiability (SI) relates to the uniqueness of outputs to parameters and inputs. Deterministic identifiability (DI) relates to the precision of parameter estimates. Here we introduce two subcategories of DI: (1) external deterministic identifiability (EDI) […]