Treatment of malaria: from drug discovery to optimisation of current therapies.

  Almost 40% of the world’s population live in malaria endemic areas, with each year about a quarter of a billion people experiencing clinical malaria and an estimated 655,000 deaths. With no vaccine currently available, artemisinin-based combination therapies are the first-line defence against malaria. These therapies have been highly effective worldwide until recent reports from […]

Mechanism-based modelling of antibiotics to optimally cure patients and prevent resistance: progress, gaps, and future perspectives

Background: Substantial progress of mechanism-based and empirical modelling for anti-infectives over the past decade has enabled these models to rationally translate the time-course of killing and emergence of resistance from in vitro to animal infection models and ultimately to patients. Objectives: To illustrate applications of translational mechanism-based models for anti-infective mono- and combination therapy and […]