Missing data

A common challenge for pharmacokinetic modellers is what to do with measurements that are known to be less than the lower limit of quantification (LLOQ). These measurements are, unfortunately, often recorded as BLQ (Below Limit of Quantification), even though the chemical analyst was able to quantify the measurement below this limit. The limit is defined for the purposes of qualifying bioanalytical procedures (1). The FDA Guidance uses the LLOQ to identify the lowest standard on a calibration curve which should have a precision of 20% and accuracy between 80-120%. Note that this is a not a guidance for how measurements should be used for pharmacokinetic modelling.

A variety of methods have been proposed (2) and evaluated for using these BLQ values in a mixed effects model (2-7). The performance of the methods have been evaluated mainly using simulation procedures. NONMEM VI 1.2 and later offers 3 specific methods. Monolix offers a single method.

This workshop will describe the properties of the methods and demonstrate how to use them using NONMEM and Monolix. A practical session will give participants the chance to try out the methods using NONMEM and to gain some experience of simulation based methods for evaluating the procedures.

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