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Yan Yeap, PhD is a Senior Research Scientist within the oral absorption group of Certara UK Limited (Simcyp Division). Prior to joining Certara UK she had close to a decade of bench-side biopharmaceutics research experience focusing on oral drug absorption upon co-administration with dietary lipids. She has a BPharm (Hons) and PhD in Pharmaceutics, both from Monash University, Australia. Her postdoctoral training was in food effect mechanistic modeling at Northeastern University, Boston, USA. Since joining Certara UK in 2020 she has actively contributed to the expansion of the Simcyp Simulator including compound files development, mechanistic oral absorption modelling, and more recently, the implementation of a new pH-dependent drug-drug interactions functionality.

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Mechanistic Modelling of Gastric pH-Dependent Drug-Drug Interactions

Co-administration of acid reducing agents (ARAs) with drugs exhibiting pH-dependent solubility can lead to drug-drug interactions mediated by gastric pH changes (pH-dependent DDIs). Physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modelling is recognized by the U.S. FDA as an alternative approach to clinical trials for the evaluation of pH-dependent DDIs1. To date, such DDIs have predominantly been assessed […]

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