Application of Population Modelling to Improve the Estimation of Drug Withdrawal Times in Racehorses

Background: The rules of racing state that an animal may not be treated on the day of a race and must be presented at the racetrack as “drug-free”. Drug treatment needs to be stopped prior to ensure compliance with these rules. Many factors influence the drug withdrawal time including, but not limited to, the pharmacokinetics […]

Population Pharmacokinetics of Colistin Methanesulfonate and Formed Colistin in Critically-Ill Patients from a Multi-Center Study Provide Dosing Recommendations for Patients

With increasing clinical emergence of multidrug-resistant Gram-negative pathogens and the paucity of new agents to combat these infections, colistin (administered as its inactive prodrug colistin methanesulfonate (CMS)) has re-emerged as a treatment option especially in critically-ill patients. Previously, there has been a dearth of pharmacokinetic (PK) data available to guide dosing in critically-ill patients including […]