Meta-analysis is an established statistical technique closely associated with systematic reviews of the literature. The concepts of a statistical meta-analysis are increasingly applied to pharmacometric analysis (model-based meta-analysis). The common feature of both approaches is that the experimental “unit” is a publication and they seek to address the problem of small sample sizes. The Central […]

Recirculatory Modelling of Nasal Fentanyl in Man

Aim: Fentanyl is a potent opioid analgesic used for post-operative management of acute pain and breakthrough cancer pain. During the development of a nasal delivery method for fentanyl, several clinical studies were completed. These included a study of fentanyl delivery via i.v. and nasal routes with venous blood sampling and measurement of post-operative pain scores1, […]

An assessment of methods for modelling regional pharmacokinetics – pooled data, pooled parameter estimates or NONMEM?

Aim: Understanding the clinical behaviour of drugs sometimes requires understanding the kinetics (and dynamics) of the drug in its target organ (e.g. the cerebral uptake of anaesthetics and analgesics). One method of studying regional (organ) kinetics is by simultaneously measuring the time-courses of the concentration of the drug in blood entering and leaving the organ. […]