Population pharmacokinetics of gentamicin in paediatrics: quantifying covariate-parameter relationship using the full random effects modelling (FREM) approach

Objectives: To (i) evaluate the suitability of a previous published population pharmacokinetic (PK) model of gentamicin in paediatric oncology patients1 in predicting drug exposure in non-oncology paediatric patients and (ii) investigate the relationship between PK parameters and covariates in both oncology and non-oncology paediatric patients using the full random-effect (FREM) covariate modelling approach.2 Methods: Data […]

Improving gentamicin dosing in paediatric oncology patients

Objective: To develop and apply a population PK model of gentamicin in paediatric oncology patients in i) a utility function approach that balances the probability of efficacy against potential kidney damage related to gentamicin accumulation in the renal cortex and ii) a semi-mechanistic modelling approach to simulate bacterial killing over time under different doses; with […]