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Population Pharmacokinetics of Oral and Intravenous Caffeine in Extremely Premature Neonates

Background: Apnea of prematurity (AP) is a potentially serious condition in >90% of extremely premature neonates. It is characterized by the cessation of airways movements for 15-20 seconds or more and, if left untreated, can have serious sequelae. Caffeine (citrate salt) is now the drug of choice for helping wean premature infants from mechanical ventilation, but […]

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Maximum likelihood estimation in nonlinear mixed effects models with the SAEM algorithm

The statistical model for most population PK/PD analyses is the nonlinear-mixed effects model (NLMEM). As opposed to linear models, there are statistical issues to express the optimisation criteria for these nonlinear models so that first approximation methods (FO and FOCE) based on linearization of the model were proposed. It is well known that these methods […]

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Population Pharmacokinetics of Phase 1/2a Data After Oral Tablet Administration of Maraviroc

Background: Maraviroc, an antagonist of the human chemokine receptor CCR5, is being developed for the treatment of HIV-1 infection. Previous findings showed a disproportional increase in AUC with increasing doses and food effects on both bioavailability (F) and absorption rate constant (ka). The aim of this analysis was to describe the population pharmacokinetics (PK) of maraviroc […]

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